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Below are a list of the OC's and/or characters from the show that partake in the Roleplay, as well as a description, and, if possible, a picture of their character.





When the elements of harmony turned her back into Luna, the personality of Nightmare Moon hid deep within Luna's mind. For a long time she remained dormant, not even Luna noticed her presence, but that all changed one fateful day. She tried taking over Luna's body, but Luna was too strong. Then Discord absorbed Nightmare and gave her a body of her own. Free at last, all she wanted at first was revenge: on Celestia, on Luna, on all the ponies of Equestria. All her attempts were vanquished by Luna, much to Nightmare's despair. But then, Luna approached Nightmare, offering to forgive her. The two mares talked, and together decided to lay the past behind them, and live together as sisters. Now converted to good, she replaced the nightmare helmet for a crown with a moon emblem, and with Luna and Celestia's permission, renamed herself Princess Nightmoon. They took in Nyx as the third and final Lunar sister, and by Luna's orders, the ruins of the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters was rebuilt as the Lunar Castle. She has trouble adapting to her new way of life, but loves her sisters very much.


Bree is an over excited pony who likes... NO! Loves PINK, She is completely and utterly obsessed with PINK. Whenever she gets the chance she will paint as many of her friends PINK as she can (she has had success with this many times before). Bree is extremely fast on her hooves and has been named many times "The Pink Blur". When she gets angry watch out! Things will start flying as she continuously throws things (or sometimes slams things into her opponents head) towards the one who agrovated her. One of this PINK pony's weapons that has been known are innocent looking cupcakes which explode like a grenade. When this mare has nothing to do she can be found sitting around eating what seems to be endless amounts of popcorn or cookies, all together this pony is a fun loving package of PINK (maybe with a side of crazy, overly excited PINK PINK PINK but hey what ya gonna do?) She enjoy's in her daily life baking sweets such as cakes, cookies, cupcakes, muffins and lots of other baked goods. She does this activity mainly for the general stores that require these certain sweets in their stores. 


I am least that's what they have started calling me.... I've stayed hidden for thousands of years eating ponies and collecting the souls of those who have passed....I have few friends.....those who i call friends i will protect to the end....I love life has become so complicated since I came out of hiding....if you see me in the streets hope you not next on my list.....


Character Name: Slashing Prices

Character Race: Unicorn

Character Gender: Male

Character Age: 25

Family: N/A

Sexuality: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Taken


One of Luna's main royal bodyguards.

O.C mentality: Slash is a very friendly and helpful pony. He is calculative and calm in many situations, as the lunar special forces have taught him during the war days. Motivation comes from images of his friends and loved ones. It's rather easy to get on his bad side.... He communicates to his sword, Kaosu Riron, sometimes, as it speaks to him directly. (Sword is in this picture: [link])

O.C Tendencies: Slash tends to be enlightened by combat. The rush and adrenaline from fighting has made him into a great sword fighter and all around war- chiseled commander. He also tends to be up front in combat, leading his troops to glorious victory. He does get angered easily if the tide of the battle begins to turn against him. He engages in combat only when it seems necessary to do so.





Inferno Sun










A shy, but feisty pony who is unsure of the decency and intelligence of the average devotee to society, and too problem-averse to find out the answer for herself. Instead, she prefers studying and learning about things through her dreams. If she does go out, it is during the night, when few ponies are out and about, and it is usually to go relax in the Everfree Forest, where there are even less ponies out and about.

Her body is actually inhabited by two minds, one being Violet herself, and another who calls herself Belle. It is theorized by the both of them that one created the other out of lonliness, though who created which is occaisonally disputed upon. Nevertheless, the two remain best friends.



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