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Hello, and welcome. I'm Mavin, one of the first Role Players here. If you are visiting this page, that means you wish to know more about how this all got started. Please allow me to take you on a journey, from before the site was even thought of, to present day.

Welp, Mavin sort of explained it already, soooo. I'm Nareto64, the Owner of the site. Although, I suppose I should tell you that each of the moderators will post their own side of the story here, in conjunction to ours. Due to a bit of bias we may have pertaining to the events and certain ponies.

Before the Lunar was in the Role Play.

Yes, we were Role Playing long before the site was even a glimmer in Nareto and I's mind. It all started back on The Brony Network, back when it was known as BN4, the week that the "Too Many Pinkie Pies" episode was airing, to be precise. Nareto wanted to watch a episode on a stream, so we both looked, and because at the time I couldn't watch the other streams because of my internet, we decided on BN4. We stuck around a bit after the episode, and noticed a lot of Role Playing. I decided that with the fact that I already had a OC, it might be fun to jump right in. This was the first time I ever Role Played, so I wasn't exactly sure if I was doing it right, I made a lot of mistakes, but it was a fun experience. Eventually Nareto, Nighty, Roz, Bree. and others started Role Playing on BN4. Over time though, Nareto realized that we were kind of taking over the chat. We needed a place to be devoted for our Role Playing, and so Nareto came up with the idea of a site devoted to Role Playing. "How about we get a site devoted to Role Playing" he said to me, I responded with "Sure, why not. How about we get a chat going, maybe even forums." And thus, the idea of the "Role Playing Forums" was born.

It didn't go down exactly as Mavin said, but it was somewhat accurate. For one thing, Mavin was the only one that was watching the new episode on the stream at the time, and it was the Crystal Empire episodes that we started on. I was watching it on TV. Although he started RP'ing afterward and was bugging me about it while we were in a skype call. He eventually got me to come on the RP after a few short hours. Although I originally thought it as simply a forum, though this was proven to be quite a terrible idea, and to this day the forums aren't very active, although there's still several regulars on there.

The Race, and the Golden days.

Now that we had the idea, we just had to execute it.
Our first question was "Who do we have as the host?"
"I want to host it," I said "my dad already has a host, I just gotta do the coding and I can get it up and running."
"[M]avin, that's great and all," Nareto replied "but I have a host too, and with mine, you don't even need to know much of how to code."
Then came the idea, a competition. We would both make our own sites in three days, and then show them both to the other Role Players, and see which one they liked more. The winner would get to host the site. Nareto had more time, and had the advantage of not needing to learn coding. By the third day, I had already known that he would win, I had barely started on my site. So, he got to host the site, and I got to be co-owner. For a while, the site went without a name. At first, everybody else was unwilling to chat at the site, and said they would rather Role Play on BN4. I thought it was just a waste of time, and, without anybody else willin g to Role Play with me, I would just keep the site open, hoping that someone would say something in the chats. Something happened along the way, and people actually started chatting on the Chatango chat. Slowly at first, but eventually, everyone was chatting over on the RP chat! I don't know why they all of a sudden started to chat here, but I didn't really care.

As Mavin's said, we started off terribly. I told a few people on BN4 about the site, though it wasn't taken so great. Then I guess those that were told of it forgot about it, and so did I. Then one day someone brought to our attention they were having thoughts of expanding beyond BN4 as well, and it struck me. When we showed some other people earlier, it really wasn't that many, maybe 3-4. And it was still fairly early in the RP history, thus the site wasn't needed as much as will be explained momentarily. So, now people were questioning where we would go, and I already had a site up-and-running ready for this very purpose. This time, it was a hit. As we grew, I submitted the website to various "Nightly Roundups" of Equestria Daily, only speeding up our growth. Also now that I had successfully created a site, and a good looking one, I might add, BN(The owner of The Brony Network) saw the pomise in using ucoz to create a website. So, with a bit of help from me, he created The Brony Network, a ucoz site used for The Brony Network. Before then, The Brony Network was simply a few streams. Now it was a website, with a great community.

The Dark Days.

The site was active, I was happy, everything was right with the world. That is, until something terrible happened. In February of 2013, A civil war was sparked. This caused massive damage to the Role Play world that we were playing in. We also had to deal with the issue of ponies being more OP (Over Powered) than others. Everyone who was Role Playing was getting stressed, and it seemed like we had to do something quick or else it wouldn't be pretty. It all ended when the Crystal Empire got nuked, which was the enemy base of operations. That finally brought the war to a close. But even after the war ended, the Role Play didn't feel the same. After the war ended, a spell was cast to fix the damages, and to wipe the war from the memories of most of the ponies, excluding a few. Then came the solution to the OP problem. We skipped ahead two years time IRP (In Role Play), and almost all of us gave up something or other that made our characters too powerful. We also said little "where are they now" sort of things. Now, you may be asking "Well, if there is no war, and everypony is equal, wouldn't everything be back to the way it's supposed to be?" No. The answer is a simple no. For some reason, even after the war was resolved, it seemed like ponies would stop coming, and that the site was dying. We needed to come up with something quickly, or else the site would go down the drain. 

Well, this is about when I overhauled the site design. Before then the design was just a Bluish-Black design with Luna slapped on the banner. Now, it was an in-depth theme with bricks, stars, OC's all over the banner, and just overall better. Well, after the 2-year time skip , I sort of introduced a new character; Morgle. Morgle is.. well sort of the King of Hatred, who wields the Blades of Darkness and Light. I did this to try and bring the RolePlay back together.

The solution to our problems.

Personally for me, the RP wasn't much fun after that. So, I got a few of the major Role Players together to discuss the situation, and what we can do to fix it. There were a lot of ideas thrown around, such as "it's all the newponies", and in the end, we decided to reset the entire Role Playing universe. A complete, and utter, wipe. Now, naturally, I was quite against this, but I was outnumbered, and it happened so that we remembered nothing of past events, and they they in fact never happened, that this is a alternate universe. And now, today, we are still getting settled in and used to this new universe. It was hard for me especially to let go of the past, and start anew. This was our phoenix rising from the ashes, I finally had fun in the Role Play once more.

Following this, was a time of growth. We lived and prospered in our RP lives, and made new friends. But unfortunately it was not so for all of us, for Buttonz, one of our original members had left the RP. We thought we were prepared for the future, we thought our troubles were over. But we were wrong.

The Darker Days

After we had "fixed" our problems, We quickly, yet unknowingly fell into yet another dark time, although this seemed to be much worse than the first. As we began to grow once more, we our trust began to waver. Before long, many of us didn't know who to trust. Some of our original members, I included, began to come less often, and go to our ancestral site, BN, more often. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing, after all we have have always had a strong connection to the old livestream, but I can't say it was healthy for the RP. This was only a small matter, as in comparison to some other problems of the time, but looking back it may have been the trigger. The trigger of what? I'm not exactly sure I can go into very much detail, some of this gets very personal. But, Mavin, our current Owner alongside myself, had been having odd mental/emotional outbursts and such, due to his growing, and still present multiple-personality disorder. They came more often as time went by, and soon they were followed by temporary and false exclamations of simply quitting all together. All of a sudden, Sniper and Luna, some of our original members, seemed to have disappeared from existence.  Our faithful numbers, and moderators, were dwindling. I myself wanted to just give up on multiple occasions. The worst had yet to come, a barrage of RP tragedy. Mavin, who had constantly been going through these mental/emotional outbursts, finally went through with it one day and left. He was gone, and it didn't seem as if he were coming back. Now, the RP was plumeting to it's death, and there was nothing we could do. After a few short days, it happened. Fraigne killed Reaper. All hell had broken loose. For a long time, Reaper was one of the few who were allowed specific OP powers for peacekeeping, and for that, he was a target. Tension had grown between reaper and many of the members of the roleplay, now too many to count off the top of my head, and Reaper had been constantly attacked, until he decided to just let it be over, and wait for the RP to restart again before resuming in the roleplay. Reaper's death was followed by a series of emotional blows to a few of ours members, and I knew it was time to stop sitting by and watching the RP go to shit. It was time to do something. So me and Rozalin did something.

Okay, what Nare said was true, I did, in fact, leave. It is quite personal, and I will not divulge to the public why it was. I will say that it was related to the MPD. So, as with the fact I was gone during all this, I have no say on whether the rest of this was true or not. I will say that I did have suspicions that being as tied to the Livestream as we were was maybe not the best.

A new Golden Age.

We were to impose a set of new rules, rules restricting the RP. We had implemented rules to lower the OP level, which we had done before but not set in stone. We also restricted the use of certain species of OC's. It was all fine and dandy, the rules were as good as we could imagine at that time, and we enforced them. How, you ask? We did it again, we reset the RP. We needed to get rid of a few "taboo" OC's and some of the things that made some OC's terribly, terribly OP. This is how we did it. And I suppose it needed to be done for the sake of Reaper, and the other unlucky souls who lost their IRP life that night. So, it was done. And things started to get better. Luna and Sniper came back, it turned out a thunderstorm fried Luna's computers. Buttonz returned, but don't ask me why. And of course, Mavin came back to. Others began to come more often again, even I. It was great. We were back, and we had put in things to prevent another one of these "dark ages" from ever happening again. Although, looking back on it these "dark ages" seem remarkably familiar. They remind me of World War I & II. The Dark Days, they had began with a simple dispute and set the basis for the Darker Days, which had been much terrible, and after which a prevention of a future "dark age" was formed.

So, here's where I came in, I returned right after Easter, and I was gone for maybe a week. So, I come back, the RP was reset. I freaked out at everyone because I was just starting to get used to 'verse 2, which is what we began to call it, and most still call it that today. And I was also upset that some of these rules were too restricting. The reason? To explain why, I'll have to bring this back to my roots. Let's understand how BN works. BN is a Livestream. As such, you can log in with any name you want as long as no one is online with that name. This promotes freedom. Also, since it wasn't primarily RP, there weren't exactly "rules" to RP, just general rules, which promotes more freedom. When I joined, I immediately tried to make my character as OP as possible, such as a pocket portal, a device that can transport you wherever you want, I was alicorn, part changeling, married to Luna, was immortal AND invincible, and I had a spell that killed whoever made my heart stop beating. I also became part timelord, and had an affinity for guns. The only one more OP than I was was Sniper. So, that's the environment I started RPing in, when the OPness was taken away, and the 20+ rules we have now were made, I was furious. I eventually got used to it, and things were running smoothly. Then again, when things go calm here, it seems to indicate a major storm on the horizon. This time was no different, but now, this one was more dangerous than even the "Chat War I" as I will begin to call it, this one threatened to break the trust of everyone and throw the entire RP out the window, this one threatened to turn everyone against each other. This, is my story. This is the event I will from now on refer to as "The Exile".

The Exile

I'm not the same person I was. I am of a different sort. Ever since that day I went to BN4, I've grown. And today I've finished that growth. For a long time, after I made the RP chat, I began to feel responsible. I helped solve problems we had, and more. I felt like I was a fairly good owner. The RP seemed fairly fine, except for the few skirmishes and such we've had in the past. But once Mavin dropped the bomb, that all changed. I was quick to side with Slash, but over night I thought about it and decided I didn't know enough to judge. earlier that day, when I had learned of what happened, I quickly messaged Mavin. I all caps'd him and then left. I didn't give him a chance to explain, I just yelled at him, and left leaving him feeling betrayed. I decided to make contact with him, and hear his side of the story, and others' side to try and get an unbiased understanding. I of course failed, only receiving his side of the story. So I stuck to that, and wouldn't let anyone change my mind. At first, I was quiet about it, but then I began to come out and openly criticize the others. At one point, slash thought he convinced me to change sides once more, but t was a charade  Just a way to get mine and Kavin's ultimate goal, peace. We wanted to stop the fighting, to bring those back that we lost. We wanted to get Luna's help, to bring about peace. We also thought a way to do this was to get rid of Slash and Reaper as moderators. They were unconvincible, the only mods who were truly in our way against our schemes. So, as I said, we tried to get Luna. Nope. Didn't happen. So, we just decided to do it all on your own, when I was confronted by Slash about un-banning Mavin once more. We had a fierce argument, it turned out to be 1 VS 5, although Mavin popped in to support me here and there, but I don't feel he really supported what I was saying at the moment, just saying random shit. It was no use. This was getting us nowhere. I was getting pushed to my limits. I was determined to stand up for my beliefs, and I did, for a long time. I refused to give in, although I was losing at every little corner. I refused. Refused, to give in. But, Mavin proved to be the better man. He gave up, for peace. He left, to let there be peace. But there was none. As the bickering continued, it was revealed that I am a terrible, terrible person for the place of owner. I had never been in the position for my worth to be tested in such a way. And I was exposed. I was a terrible owner, and still believe this now. And then when I refused to let the fighting stop, temporarily, after Mavin quit for peace. I believed they would continue to bother me, to attempt to get me off the spot as owner. It wasn't about Mavin anymore, it was about me, for a while. Which was... a change. And so, we solved this. All moderators were to be give access to the admin account, and I was to demote down to a moderator. We were all equal. And so, it's done. I've told my view on what has happened. I suppose the real reason I chose Mavin's side, was due to the unwavering trust i had, and still do have for him to this day. He had cut me off completely. My friend is gone. I now have no one I can talk to. I feel alone. I feel terrible. After all of this, I haven't grown. My growth stopped the second I left, before Mavin dropped the bomb. I am not new. I am the same. The only difference is I'm not the owner, and I'm depressed. I don't feel happy about this. Sure, I got what I wanted with the mods all being equal, but I lost a friend. In fact, I didn't lose one, I lost multiple. I'm a terrible, terrible person, and I'm sorry. Just so terrible, I took advantage of my powers for personal gain. I'm sorry.

So, first off, where do I begin? Well, first thing to say is, yes, I did cut myself off. I did cut myself off from all communications. Now then, something you must know, is that there is a reason I couldn't fight with Nare. I was doing school at the time, my mom was right there, and she was mad. I was only able to get a few messages in. I'm not sure there would be a worse time for me to have my mom come in. Another thing, is that you shouldn't get used to me being here. I'm just writing this final bit, the final writing of my story. This is a preface, I'm going to tell the entire story from my side after this. I did leave, I did allow myself to be removed just for peace. On one hand, my leaving did not cause peace, but I may not return even so, as my arrival will break the peace. During the Exile, my desires were changing. Okay, so, I'm going to tell the story from my side, forgive any bias I may have, because this was a controversy after all. I feel that now that this is over, it's safe for me to record my side without controversy. So, on with my side. On the 5th of May, Nare got grounded, and I had no idea that he was, nor when the next time he would be on was. I just knew he wasn't there. So, on the 7th, he was still gone, but I had a problem. I was losing emotion. Now then, this does get slightly personal, but it no longer matters to me any longer. I decided the way to get my emotions back was to bring in KavinThePony into the RP. KavinThePony, for those of you newer people to this site, was the second to last OC I made. You may recognize "Kavin", as it is a name Nare has referred to me as a few times now. Kavin is my name, and KavinThePony is me, my purest form, that which is the complete essence of me, as a pony. Every time I've introduced him, something has happened to me IRL. The first time was the time when the splits started to happen, this was in 'verse 1. The second time, I gained a split, this was in 'verse 2. I had wanted to reintroduce him, this time, in 'verse 3. I didn't do it, because it didn't feel right, something was off, and I couldn't bring him in. I felt like it was bad to do so, because essentially, I was risking my life by doing it. So, I needed a new plan, a new idea. I thought my splits were the reason I was losing emotions, so I had to get rid of them. I thought that if I didn't think they were real, they wouldn't be. I talked to Reaper, and told him I didn't have splits. That is how this all started. He started to turn people on me, and then, when Nare got on and yelled at me, I felt betrayed. I felt my one friend had turned on me. This caused me to try something I am not proud of, nor shall I disclose. I do not want to endorse what I attempted, therefore, it shall remain unknown. So, Nare talked to me to try and get my side, I explained all this to him, and he trusted me. I felt everything was right in the world again. Of course, most people still despised me. We had to come up with a solution, that was to get Luna to calm Reaper and Slash down so we could handle the situation better. That didn't happen, and when it didn't, I decided that the quicker we get this resolved, the quicker things will calm down. So, we confronted Slash. Like I said, this is when my mom came in and stood over my shoulder, I could only get in a message every so often. I finally had enough. I was tired of fighting them, I was tired of hiding in the shadows, I was tired of having to defend myself, and I was tired of this whole situation. I did what I deemed right. I knew that the only reason this was still happening, was because I was still there. The solution to fix this, then? Remove the cause of fighting, you remove the fighting. So, I left. I left to stop the fighting, I left for peace, and I left so that I would no longer cause any future issues like this. You shall not see me on RP, I am afraid this is my last message to post on here, I have cut myself off from communications. I apologize to any pain I have caused, I apologize for any suffering, or wavering trust, I apologize for everything. This was all my fault, I started this fight, and I ended it. That's it. That's all, nothing more. I'm gone, the situation was resolved, the RP may now flourish in my absence. Farewell, this is the final chapter in the book that is my RP career. Overall, my desires changed from wanting to be feel emotion, to wanting to be right, to wanting to not be alone, to simply wanting peace in whatever way I could get it. Goodbye.

The Return, To The End.

Well, it's been awhile since I've updated this page, and my memory of this chapter is a bit foggy. I'll try. So, at this point, Mavin was gone, and all the mods were considered equal, and I was demoted to a mere moderator, while there was no Owner. The RP was fine for a few days, but then it died down after the first week. I suppose it was two or three weeks after Mavin left, that we began to plot. We were plotting to get him unbanned, and... I suppose "stick it" to Slashing. We had a fairly good plan, when Rozalin unbanned him on The Brony Network, and he created a fake OC and RP'ed on BN, while Slash had no idea. This lasted about two or three days be he got ballsy and used his normal name. To his luck, within the hour Slash showed up. He was pissed, as you can guess. Well, it was time to put our plan to the test. In the end, Mavin was unbanned, although he wasn't allowed to resume his position as Moderator. Well, Mavin was back, and I was still merely a moderator. I suppose it was better at that time than what it turned into in a short amount of time. When Mavin returned, the RP flourished for about a week, then took a turn for the worse. RP died down too it's all-time low. And has remained so for three months. The chat is constantly dead.... Two weeks ago, Rozalin commandeered the chat and created an RP with little to no rules, free chatting, and both Serious and Non-Serious RP. It boosted the RP, for a day. Maybe a day and a half. And it returned to being dead, until today when I decided thee's no fixing it. The RP is now over. The chat can be freely used for chatting and/or RP'ing now, as you see fit. No rules, no mods. And that's it, it's likely to remain so. Goodbye, the RP was fun while it lasted. I long for the day when the RP can be born anew.

*sigh* I guess it's time for my part of this now, isn't it? Ok, so it's true that I am back. Now, if I remember right, I had told Roz that I would wait until the end of May to talk to Slash about all this. One detail Nareto got wrong was that I never made a fake OC, it was just a title that I went under to hide my identity, PhantasyBrony555 or something, it was Phantasybrony-something.  I only made it 2 days if I remember correctly, and then I decided to log off as Phantasybrony and log on as Mistermavin96. This went on great, everyone was having fun. Truth be told, the only reason I think Roz unbanned me was because at that point, I had thought that everyone hated me. I lost Nare at one point, Chilled, Vex, even Roz was fed up at one point. Nare nearly pushed me to the edge when he didn't listen to me. I felt hated, betrayed, unloved. Roz told me that I would be unbanned so that I could see that people didn't hate me. worked. Until Slash came on. He started saying some things, and I finally said "You know what, I left for peace, and I came back in hopes of peace. Slash, if you want to call me out, then don't disturb the peace I sacrificed so much to maintain." I pulled him into a private conversation between him, Nare, and I. I had been holding in anger for a long time, every time I felt like I was mistreated, every time someone turned on me, I felt that anger grow. It was a righteous anger, one for justice. At that fateful day, I let it all loose. I blew up, in a controlled fury that anyone watching would say was spectacular. This whole time I was hiding behind others, depending on them to back me up, but this was my hour, this was my fight. No more running, no more holding back. I knew it was now or never. I debated for a good 30 minutes before he conceded  I had won, I EARNED my integrity. I fought for what was right and won. Even though everything seemed stacked against me, I pulled through. I was let back on the 31st of May, I had inadvertently followed through on my plans with Roz. Even still, I had only won the fight, not the war. It was a long time until people started trusting me, a few still don't. There are a couple that I don't think will ever trust me again. But that is personal, and I wouldn't have it any other way then to have to earn trust. Now then, I feel as Nare does. I feel that although we needed to be here during the beggining, and that this site is our baby...that all babies grow up sometime. I feel that since we lost many of our originals, that this is not ours anymore. Tell the truth, I don't think it ever was. Nare always talked about how even though he was owner, it would mean nothing if he was unjust. People would leave. In the end, it doesn't matter who runs the site, if there is no community, there is no one for the site to serve, and thus no need for the site. I believe that it doesn't fit me anymore, and I think Nare feels the same...

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