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The information on this page currently describes the Role Play prior to the universal reset, and as such, does not accurately describe the Role Play in it's current state. 

Please bear with us as we resolve this issue. 

This page is to describe each of our members that take part in the chat, and their Original Characters. It will describe their personality, as well as their backstory, and, if possible, a picture of their OC.


This alicorn here is the Administrator of the chat, so watch it! Also, he's sorta the king of Griffondale, and one of the Princes of Equestria, being Cadence's brother. After the Equestrian Civil war, where he was a war hero for the Loyals, he became a couch potato for 11/2 years. He finally discovered his true destiny, to be a leader. Luckily, the Griffons of Griffondale had just overthrown their tyrannical ruler and were in need of a new King. P.S.: Nareto is also a Pokemon. He is level 62 and is Flying and Psychic type.


This fine pony right here is Mavin, son of King Peins, and adopted brother of King Sombra. He is part poptart, changeling, timelord, and all awesome. You better be careful around him though, he's the co-owner! Don't worry though, he won't bite. Once a powerful alicorn, but due to circumstances that are uncomfortable for him to discuss, he is now a pegasus. He is happilly married to Princess Luna, and is king of South Equestria. He is a major fan of guns, explosives, and really anything cool like that. He also has apocket portal, an object capable of quick movement, all rolled up into a portable form.

Princess Luna(Mod)

~To be finished~

Princess NightMoon(Mod)

When the elements of harmony turned her back into Luna, the personality of Nightmare Moon hid deep within Luna's mind. For a long time she remained dormant, not even Luna noticed her presence, but that all changed one fateful day. She tried taking over Luna's body, but Luna was too strong. Then Discord absorbed Nightmare and gave her a body of her own. Free at last, all she wanted at first was revenge: on Celestia, on Luna, on all the ponies of Equestria. All her attempts were vanquished by Luna, much to Nightmare's despair. But then, Luna approached Nightmare, offering to forgive her. The two mares talked, and together decided to lay the past behind them, and live together as sisters. Now converted to good, she replaced the nightmare helmet for a crown with a moon emblem, and renamed herself Night Mare Moon. They took in Nyx as the third and final Lunar sister, and by Luna's orders, the ruins of the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters was rebuilt. Since then, Night Mare has, among other things: gotten into a relationship with Discord, met her and Discord's future daughter Eris and built a DeLTa (DeLorean Tardis). Recently, Celestia also accepted her as a sister, and officially made her a princess, now called Princess Nightmoon.


My name is Rozalin Nightshade. I am a resident of the everfree forest, and close friends to princess Luna and Nighty. I'm a vampire, and current keeper of the necronomathingy (necronomicon). I'm actually pretty easy to get along with. Feel free to say hi. 


Bree is an over exicted pony who likes... NO! Loves PINK, She is completely and utterly obsessed with PINK. Whenever she gets the chance she will paint as many of her friends PINK as she can (she has had success with this many times before). Bree is extremely fast on her hooves and has been named many times "The Pink Blur". When she gets angry watch out! Things will start flying as she continuously throws things (or sometimes slams things into her opponents head). towards the one who agrovated her. One of this PINK pony's weapons that has been known are innocent looking cupcakes which explode like a grenade. When this mare has nothing to do she can be found sitting around eating what seems to be endless amounts of popcorn, all together this pony is a fun loving package of PINK ( maybe a side of other crazy, excited PINK PINK PINK but hey what ya gonna do?) She enjoy's in her daily life baking sweets such as cakes, cookies, cupcakes, muffins and lots of other baked goods. She does this activity mainly for the general stores that require these certain sweets in their stores. During an incident where Eight Bitz (Bree's special somepony) suddenly disapeared Bree became seriously depressed and wasn't coping very well, she wouldn't eat, she spaced out a lot (had a very blank expression on her face most of the time) and sat in a corner of her house she painted black (showing her sadness). When Bitz finally returned back to Ponyville Bree was over joyed but that happiness soon collapsed when Sniper threatend to kill Bitz for returning, making Bitz have to try and get Bree to understand she has to move on without him, but being stubborn Bree refused to let him go and sat back into her dark corner. When Sniper decided to follow the royal orders and not harm Bitz, Bree's happiness returned and now they happily live together in the PINK house some where in Ponyville. 

Sniper Ghost

This pony is Sniper Ghost. He is known by many names, but no one knows where he came from, or how he came to be. He is a frightening being that walks through the shadows and can 
consume fire. He is immortal and very powerful. He is loyal to the royal family, so make sure you don't do anything that can be considered a threat towords royalty. If you make him mad, you can try to run, but you'll die tired. Sniper has a hood on his head that shades his face, leaving only the eyes and a creepy smile to be seen. He has wings that appear in a burst of fire. His eyes can burn a pony's soul, and when he becomes mad, his wings and eyes burn. If that happens, you better hope he's in a good mood. Beware, because he can be in any shadow watching you, at any time.


Well my name is Nyx, i am spontaneous, nice, and a complete bad ass.  When I go demonic, i have a epic demon guardian that came from my imagination, and i murder anything in my path when I'm pissed off, so don't mess with me when I'm pissed off, otherwise, I'm really nice and playful, so if you see me in RP just say hi, I'll notice you unless I'm AFK. Make sure not to bring up about a person named "adult Nyx", she will kill you, so yeah.....see you in RP!!!!


~To be finished~


Hey...I'm, you want to know about who I am? Fine, but you can't freak out, if you start freaking out, I'll stop talking. So, where to start... well, let's start with the basics. I'm....not actually a pony, or....wasn't. Ya see...I'm actually from another dimension, a dimension ruled by these things  called humans, and I happen to be one of those humans. I have no idea how I got here, I just woke up one day, and I was suddenly in a world of colorful,  talking ponies. At first I thought this was all a dream...but I was wrong, VERY wrong. The first pony I met when I got here was Nyx, a pony who at that  point looked oddly familiar. I explained myself, and she took me through the forest, and stopped at a cave. Appearently this cave was the home to a pony  named Roz, and she was very adament about getting me back to where I came from. This place started to grow on me, this world is a lot nicer than my world,  but I had friends in my own world, and I was starting to miss my home. I met the princess of the night, Night Mare Moon. I also met a pony who went by the  name of "Reaper". So, Reaper offered to take me back to my own world, but as tempting as it was, I didn't want to leave without a way back...I WANTED to be able to come back. So, I explained my reasoning, and I attended the marriage of Roz and Buttonz. Afterwards, I talked and got to learn a bit about some of the ponies here. After the reception is when it all hit the fan, however. A giant dragon showed up and started chasing me! Over the next few days I was on the run from the dragon, he really wanted me dead. After Reaper saved me and we all figured out the situation, I figured out that I could probably just ask  Reaper to take me back here whenever I feel too stressed from my world, assuming he's listening through the void at the time. So, he sent me home, and I  went back to my normal least...I wish that is how it went. Ya see, I found out that time in my world passes differently than time here. What was only maybe a week at max here, turned out to be ten years in my world. My family and friends all considered me dead, I tried to explain, but they had refused the possibility of my identity. So, without anywhere to go, I called on Reaper to take me back to this world. I explained why I needed to come back so soon, and how I wouldn't be going back home anymore. I was shown around town by none other than Rainbow Dash, who also helped a little with me learning magic and even got me my own house for free! I was missing my family and my home...until I learned how much I care for Nyx. The years passed, I got used to this place, Nyx and I grew in our relationship, I learned more and more magic, and even a bit of swordsmanship. And...that's where I am today, telling you this story. Glad you stuck around for all that, I really hope we can get to know eachother even better. Well, guess I'll see ya later!

Eight Bitz

Eight Bitz is a pony with fast hooves on the controller, although sometimes his brain might not be so fast. Okay, so he isn't the brightest tool in the shed, or the bravest, why should that make him any less  lovable? Mavin's first, and best friend. They might have their differences from now and again, but  they are still friends at heart! He stormed away one day, jealous of Kate, and was in exile, his life  threatened if he were to ever step foot back in Ponyville. One day, Night Mare Moon found his dream in  the Nexus, and visited it. She found out where he was, but so did Sniper, who swore to kill him. Sniper  gave Bitz one day to say goodbyes, and make everything right. After the day was up, Sniper picked up his  sword, pulled it back, and swung, WOOSH, right past Bitz's head. It turned out Luna had ordered Sniper not  to kill him, and Sniper obeyed. Bitz was spared, and he moved in with Bree. All was not well, however.  Bree later had a big fight with him, and he was dumped by Bree. He went into long depression, eventually resorting to drugs and alcohol  These crippled his game playing abilities, and as such, he started losing more and more tournaments. It came to the point where he couldn't get enough money to pay his bills, and the  government took his house. He is currently living on the streets, hoping beyond hope that Bree will come back to him.

Kate the Dog

Kate is one of the smartest dogs you will ever meet! Kate was Night Mare Moon's dog,and had quite the friendly personality...She originally was just a random dog, until one day when Bitz was a dog because of Mavin, Bitz needed to "relieve" himself behind a bush. what he found though was Kate, and she wanted what he had. She punched his lights out, and took his collar, and she eventually got found out. Night Mare Moon found favor in Kate, however, and decided to take her for her own. Unfortunatly, it was not to day, Roza decided to transform into a cat, and after much antagonizing, Kate finally fought back. Kate and Roz fought hard...But unfortunately, Kate was on orders not to hurt cats. Kate got found out, knocked out,and kicked out. When Kate returned to Nighty loyally by scent, Nighty told Kate to get lost, took Kate's collar and teleportation cloak, given to her by Reaper...and transported Kate to the pound. Mavin picked up Kate from the pound, and decided that Bree and Bitz would be the best choices to keep Kate. And now, the one who was once outgoing and friendly, is nervous and shy.

Joe the Dog

~To be finished~


My past is a mystery... at a young age I was possessed by a dark spirit, making me kill my parent, and harm more than i know... Then the darkness was sealed within me by a angelic spirit. Then I met Changling. We touched hoofs and became one. For a while I was sealed into his mind, unable to escape. Then we found out we where able to switch minds, putting one of us out in the world while the other was in the other's mind. Then, I met Rozalin Nightshade, the most beautiful pony in Equestria. Oh, and she's a vampire. I asked her to bite me, and she did turning me into a vampire. Later we started dating, then I proposed (she found the ring so I didn't really but...) and we got married a couple months later and though about have kids... My life may seem nice... but I have a dark side... I am an assassin, have evil spirits within me that take me over and hurt my friends... My life is a dark night... but Roz brings me light... or brought me light. Less than a month after our marriage, Roz got sick of me killing... and dumped me. Heart broken, I gave myself up to the CTPS, was killed by injection of pure light... then Roz brought me back without my vamp powers. We were both aware we could be together, so i left, tried to commit suiside and failed... so I tried to kill Roz and sniper killed me. Brought back to life by reaper and given vampirism back by Maivs, I tried to forget it all... I couldn't... Two years later, I am still not over Roza... and I'm uncontrollable around her and "CLASSIFIED"'s daughter, melody. I hadn't killed anyone those two years and hadn't used my dark powers for one. I moved away to Appleloosa to join the Chapter of Assassins there... but I no longer had a need to kill... after I returned and went to see if she got me package I gave Taz, my undead pitbull, to deliver to her... she said she never got it and taz said he gave it to her... so I flipped out on Taz, as he had lost my most valuable possession .. after my flip-out, Roz banned me from seeing her or melody ever again...


~To be finished~

Vinyl Scratch


After her parents died in a fire that burnt down their house, a little mute pegasus filly was keft all alone with nowhere to stay. She wandered around without any purpose, and was eventually picked up by a mare named Sevenfold. The filly soon bonded with her, and after showing Seven her story (by drawing a burnt down house and her parents engulfed in flames), Seven adopted her and gave her the name "Silence" (Nickname: Silent). Silence is a little shy, but also very loving. She sometimes gets nightmares about the night of the fire.


~To be finished~


~To be finished~


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Draco Mortis

~To be finished~

Mane Frame

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~To be finished~

Colt Buttonz

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Slashing Prices

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Tau Sunflare

~To be finished~

Mei Fairlight

~To be finished~

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