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Forum » Other stuff » My Little Pony discussion » Introductions Everypony (a place to introduce ones self and your verious OC/Ponysonas)
Introductions Everypony
ZackMarcusDate: Saturday, 2013-01-12, 4:47 PM | Message # 1
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Hello everypony I'm UltimaZack, I am 22 and Ive been a brony since season 2 ended (but I've watched most of seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix)

my fictions-

Fav pony - I have 3, 3rd is Ditzy Doo
2nd is Luna
1st is Rainbow Dash

Zack Marcus (my main) male Unicorn
job- Royal Guard rank- 1st Lieutenant divison 2 (royal kights)
eyes- silver
coat- light gray
mane- spikey silver with a dark streak over his left eye
tail - same color as mane primary in a top-knot
ACC.- black vest, a diamond set in a gold bracer on left forehoof, burgandy bracer on right forehoof (wedding band- Merry Heart), Mythril katana called 'Mythra' (kinda lame name huh)
Cutie mark- a gold shield in front of a katana (the strength and willingness to protect others)

Zach (Za'CH) Marcus (my main's bro) male Unicorn
job- Royal Guard rank- North star (Luna's personal guard) of the Shadow Guard
eyes- a bright violet
coat- dark gary
mane- black combed forward split into bangs
tail- black short and smooth
ACC.- a white vest, an onyx set in a silver bracer on his left forehoof, an indigo earring
Cuite mark- a broadsword pointed up in front of a crescent moon the points meet the guard of the sword arcing under the hilt/handle

Merry 'May' Heart (my main's special somepony) female Earth
job- CEO of Heartland shipping co. (a famliy owned company)
eyes- cerulean
coat- burgandy
mane- lavender with a pink ponytail hung to her left side
tail- long straight lavender
ACC.- a ruby set in a silver bracer on left forehoof, a plain silver bracer on right forehoof (wedding band- Zack)
Cutie mark- A rapier 'thin flexable sword' in front of a heart (she loves to fence and is very good at it)

thats all for now, how about you?
DuhadDate: Sunday, 2013-01-13, 0:50 AM | Message # 2
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Howdy. Name's Duhad (far as your all concerned at any rate) and I am 22. Got into the show just after the end of season 2 by watching threw it at the request of a friend. Since I now own both season on Itunes and am merrily collecting the comics as they come out... ya, I would say that my friend was right about the show being up my ally.


FimFiction (currently no stories, thou several in the works and some interesting favorites)

Favorite Main 6 is Fluttershy (Thou respect for Rarity, since she went from my #6 to #2 over the coarse of the series)

Favorite CMC is Sweetie Belle

Best background/side character goes to Derpy... because Luna is grate and Lyra is hilarious and I think Spike is a much more interesting and fun character then he gets credit for, but... Its Derpy... she is just adorable.


Bottle Rocket

Origin: Bottle Rocket started as one of 3 protagonists in a horror story I was writing. He was a demolition specialist in a mine that gets over run by monsters after he accidently blows up several magical wards holding them underground. The project remains at a writers block, road block, but the planed sequel, following Spike and Luna (Spike, with Luna was the second of the three protagonists) has been adapted as the base for the 'New Nightmare' RP on this site.

Physical appearance: Light Blue with a dark purple mane... that's all I got. I am not big on looks.)

Cutie Mark: A blue and red cartoon rocket. (Dynamite would work better for a demolition specialist, but it struck me as a bit violent for a Cutie Mark in MLP. In Fallout Equestria there are plenty of weapon CMs, but while I love to tie things into FO:E I would say that as Equestria is not a brutal wastland... yet... the rule of cute still applies.

Personality: Most demolition workers are VERY safety caucus for very good reasons, but this was someone who was going to unleash a hoard of monsters because he did not take time to think about the strange nature of his instructions. Because of this I made him a hot head who would act without thinking. This lead to him being a crazy person who would light fuses then book it, relying on his speed to race to safety, therefor pegasus. Form all of that I realized that he would have to be a master of controlled flight, since he fly's quickly through mine tunnles. So he is a skilled fly, reckless, confident and not much of a grate thinker. Basically Rainbow Dash if she had less friends, no crowds of fans and was more concerned with agility then straight speed.

Side Note: Since he originally released the monsters and was badly injured in a cave in (also the fact that he was probably going to die in the climax) I like to imagine that in every version of reality he exists in, he is either hurts allot or is involved in some sort of terrible catastrophe.


Origin: Like Bottle Rocket he was part of a story where a sinister mining company 'Vyatka Co.' unleashes a hoard of monsters in an attempt to harvest valuable materials. Unlike Bottle Rocket Sounder was a slightly paranoid Gem finding unicorn who became increasingly nerves about his employers. He saved Bottle Rocket's life after the cave in and was going to be the only original character to make it into the sequel.

Physical appearance: Green

Cutie Mark: A single Gem, representing his ability to find deeply buried things like ore and gem deposits. I got the idea from Rarity's ability to find gems buried relativity shallowly and then use them to make wonderful clothing. I figured that in a mine, a more refined version of that ability would land you a well paying job.

Personality: He works in a mien, but he has an very useful ability that pays well. There for he is not well loved by most of the miners who have to work hard for there pay. Building on this I made him from Canterlot, adding to his 'fish out of water' character. Because of this social isolation he is deeply loyal to his few friends, the closet of whom is Bottle Rocket. He is the thinker to Bottle Rockets doer.

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runforever101Date: Saturday, 2013-02-02, 2:10 AM | Message # 3
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Hi I'm Runforever101! I've been watching MLP since it started.
Favorite Mane 6: Twilight Sparkle

Favorite Background Character: Octavia

Favorite CMC: Sweetie Belle

FIMfiction account:

Favorite Episode: Cutie Mark Chronicles


Name: Broadway Bound

Hometown: Canterlot

Stories: Bebe is in No Longer an Enigma and Epic Rap Battles of MLP

Cutie Mark: A happy-sad face mask

Appearance: white Pegasus filly with a curly blue and red mane

Personality: She is bubbly, funny, cute, nice, and sassy

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TenmaDate: Saturday, 2013-02-02, 8:51 AM | Message # 4
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Hello! My name is Tenma and I'm 25 years old! I got into MLP through Duhad! And we do stuff that he uploads onto his youtube account. Because I'm too lazy to have my own.

Favorite Main 6 is Applejack

Favorite CMC tie between Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle

Favorite Episode: Suit for Success


Nigel Shetland

Background: A middle aged unicorn from Canterlot. A scholarly pony, he has been studying the arcane magics for quite sometime. He is currently working as a professor.
His personality is quite necrotic and is not one who can adjust to change well. However, when push comes to shove, he can be quite inventive and helpful.

Look:  Brown unicorn with a deep red mane. The mane has a touch of grey.

Cutie mark: An open book with a magical spark.

Sierra Skyhook

Background: Going under the assumption that the Wonderbolts are Equestria's Air Force, Sierra is a young pegasus who has just made Senior Airmare. She's head strong and wants to prove herself to her father, who is a commander of his own squad.
Though she's a little abrasive, she's a very loyal pony who is very eager to help.

Look:  A Dark blue peagasus with a short white mane.

Cutie mark: A white star with a white chevron over it.

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WhiteSkyDate: Monday, 2013-04-29, 8:22 PM | Message # 5
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Hi, my username is WhiteSky or Sky for short. biggrin
I started watching mlp on thursday, the week where "Secret of My excess" came out.

Favourite Ponies? Why not all of them. biggrin
Why I can't choose one or two particular ones?
Because I like the characters how they are. Their characterisitcs, flaws and individuality. I just like my friends who they are too so that's probably the reason for it. :3

The same with Episodes. I can't choose, because the writers did a really good job, in my opinion. There are some chuckles and laughs here and there. Some sad scenes. Some crazy ponies. Some episodes they make you think and sometimes think of your past you can relate yourself to.


White Sky

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Race: Pegasus

Hometown: Cloudsdale

Appearance: White coat with yellow mane and green eyes.

Cutie Mark: A snow cloud

Personality: He's friendly. Likes his friends and likes to help them, if they need him.

Short Bio: He works at the snow factory and helps the other pegasus to prepare clouds for winter. If Winter arrives he, creates snow with them. He can create hoof sized small snow clouds too, because that's what his cutie mark means.


Gender: Male

Age: 17

Race: Unicorn

Hometown: Ponyville

Appearance: Light gray coat with blue mane and light blue eyes.

Cutie Mark: Camera with a pencil above

Personalitly: He is a curious pony and likes his camera.

Short Bio: For the school news paper at school he started liking making pictures with a camera so his parents bought him one for his birthday someday. Dawn got his cuite mark, when he took a beautiful picture of the rainbow waterfall near the Everfree Forest. Because he had to write about it for the Foal Free Press.

((I maybe will add something to Dawns personality, since I just came up with him today. :3))

Message edited by WhiteSky - Monday, 2013-04-29, 8:27 PM
Mistermavin96Date: Thursday, 2013-06-20, 12:26 PM | Message # 6
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Ok, Probably never gonna go on here, but let's do this anyway.

Hey guys, Mistermavin96 here. I'm 16 at the time of writing, and I've been a brony since the "lesson zero" episode. 
youtube- OR


Fav pony - I'd have to go with Luna first

OC time
Mavin (main)
Race - changeling
Normal disguise eye color - blue
Normal disguise mane and tail color - chocolate brown
Normal disguise body color - light brown
Normal disguise race - pegasus
Gender - male

Eight Bitz
Race - pegasus micropony
Eyecolor - blue
Mane and tail - blond
Body color - red
Gender - male
Cutie Mark - an NES controller with a wire

Green Blaze
Race - unicorn
Eyecolor - blue (No pattern here >.> )
Mane and tail - green
Body color - white
Gender - male (Again, no pattern here <.< )
icokitDate: Thursday, 2015-10-01, 6:42 AM | Message # 7
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Yo, I just signed up and I've got to ask, is it possible to change your  username?

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DuhadDate: Thursday, 2015-10-01, 9:37 PM | Message # 8
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Sadly I do not think so. But its cool, just use whatever name you need to. We have a skype group for this game once you have stuck with the game for a week or two we will add you to it.

We would add you right in, but Zombie pointed out that we have had so many people pop in and out that it would be best to just make sure you want to stay before we drag you into our weird little club. :P
Forum » Other stuff » My Little Pony discussion » Introductions Everypony (a place to introduce ones self and your verious OC/Ponysonas)
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