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Rules and Info
Our Rules/Info for these forums.
1 0
Thread: Site Rules
Posted by: mrNARUTOnumber1fan

Adventure-themed Roleplaying
1 449
Thread: Training the Guard.
Posted by: Duhad
Sad-themed Roleplaying
1 76
Thread: Discorded anonymous
Posted by: Duhad
Dark-themed Roleplaying
3 2829
Thread: Day of the Pony Dead
Posted by: fogrose7
Comedy-themed Roleplaying
1 51
Thread: Pinkie Pie Party!
Posted by: Duhad
Shipping-themed Roleplaying
1 106
Thread: Big Mac and Fluttershy's...
Posted by: Duhad
Realistic Roleplaying
2 54
Thread: a nice life down in ponyvile
Posted by: Duhad
For roleplaying of all kinds!
3 280
Thread: the Crossroads
Posted by: TheZombiecam

Other stuff
My Little Pony discussion
Where you can discuss all things MLP!
1 7
Thread: Introductions Everypony
Posted by: Duhad
Offtopic General Discussion
Talk about all things random!
1 281
Thread: Dawn of the Pony Dead OOC
Posted by: Duhad

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